this is a Proposal for Experiment which may be carried out on Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) or LHC, similar to the one CERN conducted in 1983, which led to the discovery of W and Z bosons of the Standard Model (see references in the pdf file attached).

According to my own version of String Theory called Motley String all String spacial dimensions have unique property called Color, which is closely associated with Strings Tension in i-th spacial dimension, T (i).

String state at very high energies (early universe, Planck length about 10 −33 cm) is such that all spacial dimensions of the String are in a free state similar to quark-gluon plasma of Quantum Chromo Dynamics (Figure 1 be- low):

String state at very high energies (early universe, Planck length about 10-33cm) is such that all String spacial dimensions are in a free state similar to quark-gluon plasma of Quantum Chromo Dynamics.

9 spacial dimensions at Planck scale (cross section)

At lower energies (modern cold universe) strong "color" force becomes dominant and makes String's complimentary (or using classical optics term "additive") spacial dimensions (Redi, Greeni, Bluei) interact to form 3 threads (in case of 9+1 dimensional Superstring) which appear to be colorless from distances larger than size of baryons (proton, neutron, etc). Spacial dimensions of additive "colors" are "glued" together due to Color Force. As a result humans perceive the original (9+1) dimensional String as 3+1 dimensional space time! See Figure 2 below:

Modern Cold Universe: 3 observable colorless dimensions after compactification

Outside of Planck energy scale strings spacial dimensions are confined in 3 colorless observable threads.

Observable by humans Gray spacial dimensions D(i) are essentially compactified threads of Red(i), Green(i) and Blue(i) string spacial dimensions

D(i) = R(i) + G(i) + B(i), where i =1,2,3

Original 9 spacial dimensions of our Universe, created during Big Bang some 15 Billion years ago, are compactified, or "glued" together and thus not directly seen by human eye, or any currently available experimental devices.

Hadronic resonances observed in collider experiments as well as computer simulations results show that so called Regge trajectory values α(i) for quark- antiquark mesons look like:

Figure 3 below illustrates (very schematically) how Regge slopes look like for mesons built of Up and Down (blue line), Charm and Strange (green line) and Top and Bottom (red line) quarks and anti-quarks:

Regge slopes for mesons made of Up and Down, Charm and Strange, Top and Bottom quark-antiquark pairs.

α ′(j) = J/M = 1/2π · Tf (j)

where α is leading Regge trajectory slope, J is mesons angular momentum, M is mesons mass, and Tf(i) is FERMIONIC String tension of i-th thread of SUPER String.

Index (aka thread or dimension) i for Super String is i = [1, 2, 3].

One of the intriguing features of the Motley String theory is that its compactification scheme can be applied not only to Superstring Theory, thereby giving us 3 generations of Leptons/Quarks of the Standard Model, quarks confinement and fractional charges of QCD, quarks and neutrinos oscillations (via Cabibbo and Pontecorvo mixing matrices), ”dark matter”, etc, but also to BOSONIC String.

This is because of the very simple condition D(imention) = time+N ·N , imposed by additivity of N Colors, required for the compactification scheme to work:

D = 1 + 5 · 5 = 26, for Bosonic String


D = 1 + 3 · 3 = 10, for Super String

Therefore, there is Also possibility for this VERY SAME compactification scheme being applied to BOSONs (for example W and Z bosons of Weak force), and give similar but VERY DIFFERENT from Physical point of view relation for Bosonic String slopes β ′(j):

β ′(j) = J/M = 1/2π · Tb (j)

More details (with references) on this proposal may be found in pdf file attached: W,Z bosons scattering experiment proposal.

There are some other "unorthodox" ideas in my head (related to Elliptic Curves, Number Theory, PDE and String Theory). But (what a surprise!), one has to make living somehow. So it remains to be seen if God allows me to explore and develop those ideas.

Individuals and research organizations interested in those ideas and their practical applications are welcome to contact me using contact email found on my Resume page.

Any form of financial assistance (research grant, scholarship, full time job contract, etc.) will be much appreciated and may lead to further progress in those research projects.

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