Article Motley String, Gravity, SUSY and Universe Dimensions applies key principles of Motley String theory to the Gravity's weakness problem.

We demonstrate how Motley String key postulates allow the theory to be applied to High-Dimensional theory of String. This in turn leads to quite natural explanation of Gravity's extreme weakness compared to 3 other forces of Nature.

We also describe New type of Physics that may be connected to those High Dimensions. Two most natural choices are:

1. Mind-Matter type of Physics, previously investigated by two High Caliber Physicists like W.Pauli and B.Josephson.


2. Supersymmetric part of Superstring theory (aka sparticles), considered to be essential part of String Theory but not found experimentally. We explain why those sparticles have not been found so far.

Also we describe a simple Numerical Experiment and provide its first results, which confirm that High-dimensional Motley String Theory naturally explains Gravity's extreme weakness.

Together with author's W Z Scatter Experiment Proposal for CERN, this Numerical Experiment provides solid basis for Experimental Verification of Motley String Theory as well String Theory in general.

Download article Motley String, Gravity, SUSY and Dimensionality of the Universe.pdf

There are some other "unorthodox" ideas in my head (related to Elliptic Curves, Number Theory, PDEs and String Theory). But (what a surprise!), one has to make living somehow. So it remains to be seen if God allows me to explore and develop those ideas.

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